Show and CD launch ceremony in Zlín on Jun 24th

New CD was finally released! This work of art was personally brought to Zlín by Petr "Herdron" Říha of Pařát Productions! New opus Kharmic Wheel was christened on Jun 24th at Zlín Lives festival by nobody else than Jarda Luhan, the author of the 24-page booklet drawings.

The band played an hour live set and introduced their brand new album Kharmic Wheel. Go to PHOTOS section to see amazing pictures from Katka Libigerová and Petr Zemlák. If you want to have a little taste of the live gig that went on on the Eve of Midsummer night, please go to YouTube.

Kharmic Wheel Teaser

Watch the teaser for upcoming new CD "Kharmic Wheel" - follow us and share on YouTube!

Teaser Black Heaven

The new album Kharmic Wheel is getting released on June 24th, 2023

Black Heaven emerged in 1992 in South Moravia region and doom metal fans can probably link them with their Heaven In Black (1993) demo tape. The tortuous path of destiny of Black Heaven came to an abrupt finish at the end of the 1990s. The band started hibernating for more than 20 years, having been awaken with the release of remastered CD version of Heaven In Black in 2021.

The historical excursion does not stop here, though. Back in 1994 Black Heaven had prepared material for their 8-track second demo tape, which recording didn’t take place due to personal changes in the band.

Almost 30 years later Black Heaven decided to unshelve the forgotten material, to record it in Šopa studio and to release it as their first ever album. This gives us the opportunity to revisit the unique feel of the 1990s.

Kharmic Wheel is getting released 24 June 2023 via Pařát Productions as a digipack with 24pages booklet. Detailed information, first sound samples and presale countdown coming soon!


About us

The history started to unfold at the beginning of the 1990s, when two enthusiastic admirers of the music of Master Quorthon met in Zlín, Czech Republic. Thus, in the winter of 1991, it happened that David Málek, alias David Steel, brought Tommy to the band called DAMATOR, which recorded two demos the following year: “Nekrolog svědomí” and “Dissenter”, the latter already featuring Tomáš “Tommy” Rakvica, who took over vocal duties from guitarist Jindra “Nuclear” Ticháček. Their death metal with English vocals attracted fans from all over the Czech and Moravian meadows and groves.

The subsequent undisputed influence of the early PARADISE LOST albums naturally steered the band into new currents of a musical style that came to be known as doom metal. And the change was quite radical, although it did not represent any change in the personnel… BLACK HEAVEN was born!

Diligence, enthusiasm and a piece of the heart of each of us led to very early results. The recording of the now legendary demo “Heaven In Black” (1993) brought the band recognition, forever putting BLACK HEAVEN among the leading Czech bands of the newly emerged doom metal scene. This was subsequently confirmed by Monitor in the selection of bands for their CD sampler entitled Masters Of Czech Metal vol. 2 in 1995, which took the band a bit further.

However, with Tommy’s departure, another period began, which brought along valuable experience on bigger concert stages. The creative spirit continued, as evidenced by the recordings “Fantasy” (1996) and “Drama” (1998).

In the late 1990s, BLACK HEAVEN resorted to a long winter sleep, to get a kiss of RESURRECTION after twenty years. The enthusiasm for putting the band back to life was enormous. Tommy and Nuclear started to play guitar together again, after a long time, composing and making new plans. This is evidenced by the remastered recording of “Heaven In Black” released for the first time on a CD in 2021, which delighted many fans. As in the case of Masters Of Czech Metal vol. 2, it was the music journalist Petr Korál who actually stirred up the whole thing.

Now, we proudly present our long-forgotten material from 1994, which we saved for ourselves and for you, so that thanks to our music we can transition back to the unrepeatable 1990s.

Tommy, May 2023         

Tomáš „TOMMY“ Rakvica – guitar and vocal
Jindra „NUCLEAR“ Ticháček – guitar
Libor „HORROR“ Novosad – bass
Vojtěch Erml – drums


Heaven In Black

(remastered) 2021

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Kharmic Wheel

Release date 24.6.2023

10 €

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18 €
18 €